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Prices start from £60.....   please call for an quote!.   Speed Limiter removal is available on the following models. If you are unsure of your ECU type then please call us to confirm.   BMW BOSCH EDC16C31 BOSCH EDC16C35 BOSCH EDC16CP35 BOSCH EDC17_CP02 BOSCH ME7 BOSCH ME9 BOSCH MEVD17.2 (H) BOSCH MEVD17.2.5 SIEMENS MSS52 SIEMENS MSD80 SIEMENS MSV70   Citroen BOSCH EDC16C39 BOSCH EDC17CP52 BOSCH MED17.4.2 SIEMENS SID807   Fiat BOSCH EDC16C39 BOSCH EDC17_CP52 BOSCH EDC17CP52   Ford SIEMENS SID202 SIEMENS SID206 SIEMENS SID208 SIEMENS SID807 Visteon DCU102 Visteon DCU106 Visteon EECV   Iveco BOSCH EDC16C8 BOSCH EDC16C39 BOSCH EDC17C49 BOSCH EDC17CP52   Land Rover SIEMENS SID208 VISTEON DCU106   LDV BOSCH EDC16C39 Mercedes BOSCH EDC16C31 BOSCH EDC16CP31 BOSCH EDC17CP10 BOSCH EDC17CP46 BOSCH ME9.7 BOSCH MED17.1.1 DELPHI CRD3.x   Mitsubishi BOSCH EDC16C31 BOSCH EDC16U31 BOSCH EDC17CP15 BOSCH MED17.7   Nissan BOSCH EDC16C41 BOSCH EDC16CP33 BOSCH EDC17_C42   Opel BOSCH [...]
WHAT IS AN EGR VALVE? Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). This device recirculates a proportion of the engine's exhaust content into the intake air. A valve is usually used to control the flow of gas, and the valve may be closed completely if required. EGR REMOVAL SERVICE At AutoSphere we use an advanced method for EGR removal. The valve can become clogged over time, causing the valve to stick open or closed and will cause hesitation in the lower end of the engine revolution range, thereby causing error codes and the vehicle not to run correctly. EGR REMOVAL BENEFITS? Modern engines recirculate some of their exhaust gases back into the engine to reducing emissions. This is the is the main function of the EGR system. The downside is that exhaust fumes containing carbon deposits are constantly being recirculated through the engine through time causing a build-up of carbon deposits in the intake manifold etc. Carbon deposits will contribute to the failure of the EGR valve. Replacement EGR valves are expensive and in the case of high mileage engines the carbon build up can eventually lead to total engine failure. Removal of the EGR system by blanking off the exhaust input and reprogramming of the engine management

We are now tuning all BMW F Series models


Please choose your model below to view figures


Vehicle Model Standard BHP Standard Torque Remapped BHP Remapped Torque BMW 114d F20 95 235 140 320 BMW 116d F20 1.6l 115 260 140 320 BMW 116d F20 2.0l 115 260 180 400 BMW 118d F20 143 320 180 400 BMW 120d F20 163 380 220 440 BMW 120d F20 184 380 220 440 BMW 125d F20 218 450 270 500 BMW 218d F22 143 320 180 400 BMW 220d F22 163 380 220 440 BMW 220d F22 184 380 220 440 BMW 225d F22 218 450 270 500 BMW 316d F30/31 116 260 180 400 BMW 318d F30/31 136 310 180 400 BMW [...]

Engine Management Light “Permanent” Removal

Do you have an engine management light (EML) or other engine warning light illuminated constantly, but the recorded fault cannot be rectified, or there is no actual running fault with the vehicle.

With the ever growing complexity of todays vehicles, a vehicle can develop a technical glitch that could illuminate an engine management light, when there is no running problems with the vehicle.

If this is the case then we can permanently remove an individual fault code from your vehicle, so the fault can never return again.

RESULT: Fault code is deleted an [...]

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