Digital Mileage Correction All models, all locations, up to 2020 Bespoke Mobile ECU Remapping Performance, Economy & Hybrid Tuning Guaranteed DPF Removal Include a "Remap" of your choice

Dashboard warning light on or need a replacement module to be coded into your vehicle??.

We invest thousands of pounds each year to keep up to date on our range of generic & dealer level diagnostic. Here is just a sample of some of the industry leading diagnostic equipment we have available:

ˆ BMW Dealer Level Diagnostic System (Diagnosis & Coding)

ˆ Mercedes Dealer Level Diagnostic System (Diagnosis & Coding)

ˆ Autel Maxi-Check DPF Management Tool 

ˆ KESS V2 OBDII ECU Remapping Toolkit

ˆ KTag Tricore / BDM / JTAG / Renesas ECU Toolkit

ˆ FG Technology Master OBD / Tricore Remapping Toolkit
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