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Engine Management Light “Permanent” Removal

Do you have an engine management light (EML) or other engine warning light illuminated constantly, but the recorded fault cannot be rectified, or there is no actual running fault with the vehicle.

With the ever growing complexity of todays vehicles, a vehicle can develop a technical glitch that could illuminate an engine management light, when there is no running problems with the vehicle.

If this is the case then we can permanently remove an individual fault code from your vehicle, so the fault can never return again.

RESULT: Fault code is deleted and engine management light (EML) light operates as usual when starting the vehicle.

We only delete the single fault code and all other codes remain operational within the vehicle.

It is only recommended to use this service to remove a fault code if the fault code is not causing any running problems with the vehicle.

NOTE: Removing an engine management light or fault code that is indicating there is a serious problem with your vehicle & you are experiencing running problems, could result in further damage being caused to your vehicle. In a case where you are experiencing related problems with your vehicle, we advise you seek expert advice from a qualified mechanic or the vehicle manufacturer.

You can find the most common warning lights with a description here

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